Hailing from Nottingham like a taxi-seeking Robin Hood, I am a soundsmith with a hunger for creating superlative bleeps and bloops.


  • AAA mindset with almost 4 years of¬†studio audio¬†experience working on sound and music for mobile and current gen consoles.
  • Extensive middleware usage including implementation of dynamic SFX and reactive music.
  • Adept at creating high quality sound effects and music to specification and tight deadlines.
  • Experienced in foley recording and editing, in both field and studio setups.
  • Extensive mixing/mastering experience.
  • Experience with sound to picture.
  • Unity/UE4 knowledge implementing sound effects and music.
  • Experience implementing UE4 blueprints.
  • Broad dialogue recording/editing experience, comfortable performing voice acting duties or directing voice talent.
  • Multi-instrumentalist, fluent in a number of musical genres primarily using Logic pro X/Reason/Kontakt/Reaktor/DAW packages.
  • Dialogue/script writing for game characters.


I do…

Sound Design
Audio Editing
Field Recording
Foley Artistry
Musical Composition

I use…

FMOD/Master Audio
Logic Pro X